KUCHING: Under Section 67 of the Immigration Act, said Stampin MP Julian Tan in a statement, a person cannot be denied entry into Sarawak if the visit was “for the sole purpose of engaging in legitimate political activity”.

“The state’s autonomy in Immigration matters does not allow for abuse of such powers. The intention of the Founding Fathers in Borneo, the framers of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and Parliament on immigration matters must be upheld.”

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem, he added, has no right to abuse the law against opposition members who are in the state to engage in “legitimate political activity”. “Even if he disagrees with their ideas, he should rebutt or promote his own ideas. Let the people make their own informed decision.”

“He should not bar opposition members from the state.”

He was condemning the banning of Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching and DAP member Ooi Leng Hang from Sarawak and also the handling of the issue by the Immigration Department. “It was handled very badly by Immigration.”

Tan demanded an apology from the Immigration Department and the Chief Minister for the abuse of power and mistreating him and Padungan Assemblyman Wong King Wei.

He complained that Wong and he, called upon to assist in the issue, were made to wait for more than two hours after requesting to see the person-in charge. “The person concerned never showed up. The Airport is within my parliamentary constituency.”

The Immigration officials even refused to reveal details of the person in charge, he fumed. “Such information was supposedly available to the public.”

Tan pointed out that as elected representatives of the people, it was their duty to uphold the rights of all Malaysians. “The conduct of the Immigration officials at the Airport clearly hindered us from carrying out our duties.”

“It’s a clear act of suppression of the right of the people, as well as abuse of power, all the way from the Chief Minister’s Office.”

Tan, flogging the alleged abuse of the autonomy in Immigration matters by Adenan, noted that the Chief Minister only barred opposition lawmakers, activists and supporters which even included a graphic designer. “Adenan pledged to keep extremists out of Sarawak. Instead, he bans opposition leaders and those linked to them.”

Tan pointed out that PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang, who allegedly played up racial and religious sentiments, was allowed to enter Sarawak freely. “That’s a clear insult.”

“The principles of democracy are not being upheld. Adenan was afraid to play fair. He’s afraid to allow the people of Sarawak access to information. It’s their right.”

— freemalaysiatoday  April 10,2016